Hero Forum 18 is Coming to Ponte Vedra Beach!

Hero Forum 18

HERO is a non-profit corporation that is dedicated to advancing health, well-being, and performance through employer leadership. The overall vision of HERO is to help workplaces positively influence the health and well-being of employees, their families and communities. Their annual Hero Forum is a fantastic opportunity to learn about some of the latest research, best practices, and next level thinking in terms of workplace well-being. The topic of this year’s forum, HeroForum18, is “From the C-Suite to the Shop Floor: Well-Being for All.” They will be focusing on how health improvement requires interconnectivity between the organization and both its subgroups and individuals.

What to Look Forward To

At HEROForum18, conversation in worksite health promotion will be elevated with new thinking, open and honest disciplined reflection and, as always, innovative new strategies and tools to make well-being possible for all. There will be many amazing speakers this year covering a variety of subtopics including, Well-Being for Diverse Workforces,Improving Social Determinants of Health through Worksite Wellness Programs,” “Measurably Reducing Burnout While Increasing Happiness & Engagement,” “Resilience in the Workplace,” “Building a Culture of Health,” and so much more!


We were so excited to find out this year’s forum would be held right down the road from us! HeroForum18 will take place on October 2–4, 2018 at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. If you are planning on attending, let us know so we can be sure to say hello at the conference! For more information about the event, click here!

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