Healthy Ways to Fuel Your Body


Fuel For The Future 

March is National Nutrition Month and has an overarching theme of “fuel for the future”. Throughout this month it’s important to fuel your body with foods that will give you energy, supply nutrients and make you feel good!

“Food is the fuel that keeps your body running smoothly throughout your life, so give it the nutrients it needs to meet each life stage,” says registered dietitian nutritionist Amy Bragagnini, a national Academy Spokesperson based in Grand Rapids, Mich.

How To Plan Out Your Meals

Remember that when you choose what you are eating on a daily basis you are focusing on eating to fuel your body rather than filling your body. People tend to eat until they feel like they can’t anymore but that is not the most effective way to consume your meals. As you eat meals and snacks you want to focus on well balanced and nutrient dense food to ensure your body is getting what it needs. The main message is quality over quantity.

Here are some ways to ensure a well-balanced meal from Harvard Healthy Plate: 
  • Make most of your meal vegetables and fruits. This should be about half of your plate. Focus on color and variety. Consuming vegetables will help limit salt and fat intake. Fruits
  • Go for whole grains. This should be a quarter of your plate. You should include both whole and intact grains which include whole wheat, barely, quinoa, oats and many more. These foods have a milder impact on blood sugar and insulin compared to white bread and white rice.
  • Hit your protein. This should be a quarter of your plate. Examples of protein include fish, poultry, beans and nuts are all healthy, diverse sources that can be mixed into salads and pair well with vegetables. You should try to avoid processed meats such as bacon and sausage.
  • Add healthy plant oils in moderation. Healthy oils such as olive, canola, soy, corn and others are great for you when not over-consumed. Try to avoid partially hydrogenated oils, which contain unhealthy trans fat.
  • Make sure you drink water. Water is very important to hydrating your body. Other liquids such as coffee and tea are acceptable as well, just limit sugary drinks as well as dairy products to one or two servings a day.


Following these guidelines will help ensure you are fueling your body to be the best version of yourself you can be. When your body is fueled properly, you have energy to do the things you like to do as well as maintain a healthy body! To learn more on nutrition or healthy lifestyles go to Health Designs website!


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