Healthy Halloween Treats to Try This Year

Halloween Sweets

Halloween is only a few weeks away! This time of year is all about candy and sweets, which is fine in moderation. However, between school and work events, Halloween themed parties and trick-or-treating, the opportunity for consuming too much sugar is all too easy. By the end of the month, this can lead to fatigue, mood swings, difficulty sleeping and just an overall “crummy” feeling from increased inflammation. While it is perfectly okay to indulge in a few of your favorite Halloween treats, we have compiled a list of our top 10 favorite healthy options to help you keep a balance and feeling your best as we head into the holiday season!

Healthy Halloween Treats


1) Pumpkin Humus – A fall twist on classic humus. It is easy to bring to any event and delicious for dipping veggies in! You can even place in it a pumpkin container or make it in the shape of a pumpkin.

2) Halloween Deviled Eggs – These festive treats are perfect for your next Halloween party and everyone will love the pumpkin shape!

3) Spooky Halloween Charcuterie Board – This is a delicious appetizer tray full of salami, cheese, fruit, and nuts. You can get creative with the spooky display!

4) Pumpkin Spice Granola Cups –  These healthy cups are especially fun to make if you have young children because they can get really creative with decorating faces on top of the yogurt.

5) Witch’s Broom Snacks – When you need Halloween appetizers that are fun, easy and perfect for all ages, these Witch’s Broomstick Snacks are a perfect choice.

6) Pumpkin Space Muffins – These blender pumpkin spice muffins are gluten-free and have no added sugar! Perfect for any Halloween event you might have coming up!

7) Warm Spiced Apple Cider – For those with chilly fall weather, this is the best thing to warm you up after a night of trick-or-treating!

8) Candy Corn Fruit ParfaitsThese are a fun and healthy Halloween treat and a much better alternative to actual candy corn. They are always a hit with young children and even make for a yummy Halloween party snack!

9) Chocolate Pumpkin Avocado Pudding – Rich, chocolatey, velvety goodness that’s packed with nutrition, this chocolate pumpkin avocado pudding is the perfect Halloween dessert!

10) Pumpkin Butter Cups – If you really want something healthier that reminds you of candy, we recommend pumpkin butter cups! Compared to regular packaged candy, they are a lot healthier!

If you end of making any of our favorite healthy Halloween treats this year, be are to share on social media and tag us (@healthdesigns_be_well)! Make sure to comment your favorite healthy Halloween treat below as well!

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