Health Designs Receives FCWWC Platinum Level Healthiest Company Award

FCWWC Platinum Level Healthiest Company Award

We were once again honored to receive the Platinum Level Healthiest Company Award at the 2018 First Coast Worksite Wellness Council Conference and Luncheon! Platinum Level is awarded to companies who have incorporated best in class wellness programs and have truly created a culture of health and well-being throughout their organization. These companies have also demonstrated full leadership support and an investment in the necessary resources to strategically design, implement and measure programs that improve the overall health and well-being of their employees.

“At Health Designs we believe in living our passion for health and well-being, and we are thankful that our Suitcases & Sneakers committee helps keep that passion in the forefront for our team!” – Melissa Phillips

2018 Worksite Wellness Council Conference and Luncheon

This year was the 10th Annual Worksite Wellness Conference and Healthiest Companies Luncheon, and it was just as fantastic as past conferences.The Health Designs team thoroughly enjoyed the keynote speakers and each of us walked away with valuable information.

We would also like to congratulate all of the Healthiest Company Award recipients! Every effort to help improve the health and well-being of our employees makes a huge impact on the First Coast community’s ability to grow and thrive!

More About FCWWC

The FCWWC was created in 2008 as a community work group led by a partnership between the Florida Department of Health in Duval County and the City of Jacksonville Mayor’s Council on Fitness and Well-Being. As an initiative of Healthy Jacksonville 2020, FCWWC’s mission is to improve the health of the First Coast community by sharing resources and providing guidance through their member businesses.They have also created a platform for local businesses to be recognized for excellence in worksite wellness!

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“Health Designs has exceeded our expectations, particularly in the personal coaching portion of our wellness program. Employees have met with the same coach since the first day and have formed an important, trusting relationship to help employees determine their goals and achieve results.”
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