How to Celebrate GEHFM Virtually

Remote Employees

Whether your entire workforce is still working remotely, or you are in a phased approach of returning to the workplace, there is still a way to engage your remote employees in Global Employee Health and Fitness Month (GEHFM)! has a wide variety of tools and resources to help you reach your remote employees and encourage participation. Their website is also the perfect virtual platform to deliver health and wellness in 2021. While GEHFM is observed in May, their tools and resources are available year-round! In addition, you can listen to Heart Talk. Diane Hart is the President and Executive Director of the National Association for Health and Fitness and she is on Heart Talk to share how you can improve your health where most of us spend a majority of our day – at work.

Additional Ways to Celebrate Virtually

Healthy Moments, Groups & Projects are the heart of GEHFM. From individual activities to corporate events, GEHFM lists ways you can go virtual and offer participants health, physical activity and nutrition related activities. Some ideas include:

  • Healthy Virtual Moments: These kinds of activities are focused on the individual and are occasions of healthy eating, physical activity and personal health goals. They should be able to be done in the employee’s home or outside where they can safely social distance. Examples include online healthy cooking classes, individual step goals or exercise challenges, on demand webinars centered around health and fitness, etc.
  • Healthy Virtual Groups: These activities are made for small groups of participants who choose to virtually participate and track activities. Think running clubs, weekly yoga classes, group activity challenges, etc. Activities intended to last beyond the month of May are an added bonus!
  • Culminating Projects: These projects are virtual events or a series of events that promote both physical and mental wellbeing virtually through the whole company. The perfect example would be a health and fitness webinar series or a series of workshops.

The goal is to get creative and offer unique virtual experiences that will engage your remote workers in GEHFM. For more information, click here. For additional information on workshops and health offerings, visit our website!

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