CEO and Founder is Speaking at the 9th Annual Worksite Wellness Conference

Leadership and Culture

In addition to winning the 2017 Healthiest Companies Platinum Award, Health Designs’ CEO and Founder, Ann Sabbag, is speaking at the 9th Annual Worksite Wellness Conference and Healthiest Companies Luncheon! The topic of her workshop will be, “Setting Up for Success: Leadership and Culture.” She will be focusing on thriving cultures and what their leadership does to bring out the best in their people, and ultimately, their organization.

Annual Worksite Wellness Conference

The 9th Annual Worksite Wellness Conference and Healthiest Companies Luncheon is being hosted by the First Coast Worksite Wellness Council and Florida Blue at the University of North Florida University. This event is the largest annual wellness conference in North Florida and it is designed to share workplace wellness best practices and local program resources with attendees. The luncheon portion of this event is where the First Coast organizations who are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of their employees will be honored.

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“Health Designs has exceeded our expectations, particularly in the personal coaching portion of our wellness program. Employees have met with the same coach since the first day and have formed an important, trusting relationship to help employees determine their goals and achieve results.”
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