A New HR Model for the Modern Workforce

A Changing Workforce

We are only in the beginning stages of workplace automation, and it is expected to surge over the next three years. With these new work environments comes new roles in software development and content creation, as well as the strong need for management and leadership development. A recent study done by Willis Towers Watson found that, “very few companies and HR functions are fully prepared to address the organisational change requirements related to automation as well as less reliance on full-time employees and greater reliance on contingent talent.

A New HR Model

In order for HR to meet the changing workforce’s needs and appropriately match talent with skills, Willis Towers Watson created a new HR Model that goes beyond the traditional job role. HR’s job should be broken down into three key roles. Here is a breakdown of each role in the model:

  1. Work Architect: This role consists of data scientists and Talent and Rewards specialists. Their main focuses are to deconstruct and reconstruct jobs based on automation, work and skills, manage and modernize wellness benefits, and apply artificial intelligence to HR’s work.
  2. Coach: The coach’s goal is to activate important activities that foster, reinforce, develop and sustain leaders, improve employee experiences and work culture, as well as conduct one-on-one performance coaching when necessary.
  3. Integrator: The integrator is the most similar to today’s HR function, just with some additional focuses. The integrator will deliver a positive HR people experience with employees. They will also collaborate and oversee the changing risk profile for work, as well as identify, screen and arrange/contract with talent and organizations.

Utilizing A New HR Model

As technology and digitization become more prevalent, it is important to maintain the people experience and provide a positive environment while also maximizing the benefits of automation. By redirecting its skills and capabilities, HR can truly transform organizations and better prepare them for the future.

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