A Culture of Wellness Leads to Happier Employees

A Culture of Wellness

Creating a culture of wellness goes beyond the monthly health challenges and yearly screenings. A culture of wellness requires you to make wellness a part of your organization’s mission and encourage healthy habits year round. Every aspect of the office needs to reinforce employee health and wellness so that employees are empowered with the tools to make healthy decisions. According to this Forbes article, a culture of wellness not only leads to healthier employees, but it also helps contribute to a positive mood and happier mentality.

The Benefits of Happier Employees

There are numerous organizational benefits to having happy employees, but here are just a few:

  • A more creative workforce- Happy employees are less stressed, and therefore, more creative. This means they have enhanced problem solving skills and will be able to complete tasks more efficiently.
  • More collaborative team members- When individuals are feeling happy and positive, they work better as a team. They are more patient and open minded, which helps the team achieve a common goal.
  • Focused minds- Happy and healthy employees are better able to handle stressors in and out of the office. This allows them to be more engaged and productive and focus on one challenge at a time.

For tips on how to create a culture of wellness, click here!

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