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Return on investment – lowering healthcare costs, reducing absenteeism and preventing workplace-related disability – is important. But, more and more top-performing companies realize that an effective wellness program does more than just improve the income statement, it creates value for employees, customers, and all other stakeholders.

Committed to delivering robust data and reporting, providing ROI and VOI, as well as tracking progress and improvements in overall participation and engagement in the programs we provide.

We began working with Health Designs in 2015 when we were ready to move our employee wellness program to the next level. Health Designs provided the expertise, experience and insight to help us expand our program, resulting in increased engagement and participation.

I have worked with several different Screening Vendors, that all deliver an aggregate report following the screening events. Health Designs once again stands out as a leader in the field. The report is clear and detailed. It does not overwhelm you with pointless statistics, it gives you a comprehensive report of where your company stands today and what areas to focus your efforts on.

I appreciate the “Top Opportunities” and Estimated Cost Per Person sections. The quick snapshot is perfect to share with key management. Health Designs also goes the extra mile to outline next steps. It is a great checkpoint to verify we are on the right path!

I love working with the Health Designs Team! They work hard to meet my clients’ needs by listening carefully and responding quickly. The team is fun, creative and provide great support. Thanks for being a great partner. I hope we can get some more clients signed up.

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