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Create programs that engage your workforce and drive organizational culture from the top down.

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Consulting & Education

From developing your wellness committee and workplace programming to supporting your staff and executing a comprehensive multi-location wellness initiative, our highly-credentialed health professionals will create a program that engages your workforce and fits your organizational needs and budget.

Introduce awareness as well as accountability with our engaging wellness workshops coupled with face-to-face health coaching. We have the expertise and flexibility to deliver these onsite, virtually, as well as on demand based on your unique workplace environment and culture. Participants learn about relevant health topics and are supported with one-on-one guidance for goal setting and lifestyle improvements.

The service at today’s screening was incredibly fast and easy. The health coaches were very courteous and nice throughout the process

This was a much better experience than going to a lab for my screening. Everyone was very pleasant and nice. They were able to fit me in early, so I could make it in to work on my time. Please have Health Designs back next year

This screening was a really great experience. I am usually very anxious and their patience was unbelievable. Getting immediate results was wonderful!

I was very gratified with my experience today. The staff was very professional and helpful throughout the process and everything ran smoothly. Honestly, this was the best experience I’ve had in events of this type.

There is no difference in the level of service that you receive from the team for a local event versus sending a team member to screen the employees in a different state. It's such a relief to know that the person handling the screenings will be professional, polished and help create a positive experience for the employees. Thank you for all that you do to make the client look good and the broker who is working to assist with coordination!

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