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Health Designs has been a wonderful partner with Acosta for the past several years

A program that began as a pilot has grown into an on-site coaching program offered at several office locations as well as our current addition of using the Health Designs wellness portal to better facilitate our offerings to associates.

We value the knowledge that the Health Designs team and on-site coaches bring to our company and have noticed a positive change in our associates in regards to making better health choices in all aspects of their well-being. Our associates have provided the Acosta leadership team with ample positive feedback on how they enjoy having an on-site coach available to them and appreciate the healthy initiatives they have started in their locations.

I love working with the Health Designs Team!

They work hard to meet my clients’ needs by listening carefully and responding quickly. The team is fun, creative and provides great support. Thanks for being a great partner.

Easy, fast, and fabulous!

I’m so happy with them!

Health Designs is great and far better than other screening companies!.


Great turnaround time and excellent service. Above all, I loved the attitude of the employees.

JEA & Health Designs

JEA has been awarded the Platinum Well Workplace Award from the Wellness Councils of America…JEA’s partnership with Health Designs has spanned [over] nine years and has greatly benefited our organization…the professionalism and cooperation exhibited by you and your team is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.

The coaches are very attentive!

The coaches from Health Designs were very attentive, made our Team Members feel comfortable, kept the event fun while respectful and confidential. Coaching sessions were very valuable to our Team Members and many of them have taken healthier actions as a result of the event.

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