Eliminating the Confusion

When an organization incorporates a wellness program and begins to offer health benefits, many employees will feel encouraged to work towards a healthier lifestyle. While you may feel you have included sufficient guidelines and resources within your wellness program, making the right lifestyle changes can be overwhelming and confusing. In fact, when it comes to eating healthier, the International Food Information Council Foundation’s annual Food and Health Survey, found that 80% of Americans feel there is too much conflicting information about which foods to eat and what to avoid. And then many times stress and emotional health concerns can be underlying challenges needing attention first. That is why on-site wellbeing coaching is so impactful! Wellbeing coaches eliminate the confusion and provide the guidance, education, and encouragement that employees are looking for.

Maintaining Engagement

When a program is new, excitement and interest drive participation rates. As time goes on, though, engagement can be the most difficult element to maintain. Wellbeing coaches help tremendously with this. For example, with HD Core Coach, an on-site wellbeing coach helps keep the program organized, interesting, and relevant to employees. The responsibilities of our onsite wellbeing coaches can include:

  • Advising your wellness committee.
  • Communicating and promoting wellness initiatives.
  • Delivering wellness workshops, awareness campaigns, group programs, and challenges.
  • Leading physical activities, i.e. walking groups, strength training.
  • Offering recommendations for environmental and cultural strategies that fosters total well-being.
  • Developing the communication strategy and providing periodic reporting to demonstrate progress, engagement, and outcomes of the wellness program.

Getting Results

Health Designs’ highly-credentialed health professionals create a program based around awareness and accountability. We combine face-to-face wellbeing coaching with engaging wellness workshops and other onsite programming opportunities, so that participants learn about relevant health topics and are supported with one-on-one guidance for goal setting and lifestyle improvements. HD Core Coach allows individuals to discover what matters to them, what their personal health goals are, and what fosters their own motivation. From there, they receive support in attaining their health improvement goals. With our method of building accountability and providing feedback and encouragement, you will see results and sustained behavior change for your employees!

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