Executive and Incentive Reporting

Get Clear Visibility with Executive Reporting

Understanding the health status of your population and cost drivers are key to a results-oriented approach to wellness.  Whether you utilize our brief Biometric Form or our comprehensive Online Health Assessment, our team will prepare an Executive Report with meaningful data. Our Executive Report includes demographics, risk stratification, trending, and an in-depth analysis of the participants’ health risks, lifestyle behaviors, and readiness to change.

These insights allow the Health Designs team to develop strategic recommendations for next steps in your wellness program.

Executive Reporting

  • Aggregate Behaviors
  • Risk Stratification
  • Biometric Results

In addition to the Executive Reporting, our clients often provide incentives for their employees to participate and maximize their wellness benefits.  For these clients, we offer seamless incentive reporting, including eligibility lists for results-based incentives.

Incentive Reporting

  • Personal Health Report
  • Participation Results
  • Outcome-based Results

Risk Strat

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