Our Story

History and Philosophy

While developing and managing an in-house corporate wellness program and dedicating her life’s work to health education, Health Designs’ Founder, Ann Sabbag, discovered she was doing work she loved.  The program was immensely successful: hundreds of employees improved their health, spirit, and well-being, and the company reported lower health care costs, lowered absenteeism and improved productivity.  When she saw the difference it made for her then employer and the lives of her colleagues, she had a vision for providing this same service on a much bigger scale.  Despite the fact that wellness was hardly a familiar concept to most employers in 1995, the entrepreneur in her decided that many companies could benefit from a results-oriented wellness program, so she took the leap.

Passion and Success

Ann’s passion and ability to demonstrate the bottom-line results of improving employee health won the day.  From her new corporate headquarters at her dining room table, with her children as administrative assistants, she began to build one of the nation’s premiere employee wellness firms.

In those early years, Health Designs’ clients were mainly in North Florida.  Just as Ann’s passion, vision and inspiration continues to grow year over year, today, the company’s size, reach, and impact has grown steadily and carefully each year since inception.

In 2016, we delivered health and wellness services to 85,000 people in more than 300 different companies!

Today the Health Designs team spans across the country, including more than 200 health professionals, many who served the company and its clients for 15 years or more.  We have been recognized as a Company to Watch for the state of Florida and the local business journal has named it one of the fastest growing companies four out of the last five years.

While so much has changed, the fundamentals that built strong and enduring workplace wellness programs remain as important today as they were in 1995.

Something else that has remained constant:  

We are passionately committed to changing lives and transforming companies into healthier, happier workplaces!

Let us help you inspire healthier employees and healthier results.

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