Client Testimonials

“Night and day different – we have worked with some of the largest, most recognized names in the industry and made the switch to Health Designs last year. The feedback from our members and participants has been 100% positive. Our internal team has appreciated the flexibility and commitment to excellence we have seen, starting with thorough and flexible planning, to an engaging on-site experience, and wrapping up with strong administration and follow-through. This is a sharp contrast to our previous experience. The expertise and passion the Health Designs team brings to the partnership from start to finish is truly exceptional.”

-Director of Group Health, Client

“Sherry, I wanted to share with you how pleased I was with our Health and Wellness event held on September 28, 2016.   You and your team did a fantastic job!  I first want to thank you for the flexibility and adaptability with regards to the contract and all the other quick and last minute items we put your way.

I also wanted to make you aware that Britnee has been an absolute pleasure to work with for the coordination and execution of our event.  Britnee made sure all items were ticked and tied and assured me an A+ team would be on site and on time – and she delivered!   The team arrived and was ready to roll for our 9 AM start time… the entire crew was both professional and personable.” 

-Human Resources Senior Manager, Client

We really appreciate everything your teams provided to this Group.  They were stellar from accepting our request to providing the onsite services.  You have a very classy and savvy organization and staff.”

-Carrier Partner


Another year and another display of professionalism and caring extraordinaire by the staff of Health Designs. We stand in awe of you all. We had over 900 associates come to the health fair and through it all not once did the level of service to each and every associate diminish in any way. We extend our sincerest appreciation to your devotion to a high level of service. As St. Vincent DePaul said “First the heart, and then the work.” Your hearts are definitely in your work!”

-Director of Wellness, Client

“I want to let you know that your staff did a phenomenal job at the Health Screenings at Baptist today. We saw 429 employees and ended up having to change our location mid event. Very swiftly, with short notice, the team was very accommodating and able to adjust to the flow and changes. Everyone was very pleasantprofessional and had positive attitudes. I have nothing but good things to say about them all. I wanted to personally let you know that they went above and beyond the call of duty to make our employees screening experience a pleasant one! Kudos to them all! You all do a wonderful job with the whole screening process! You have the right people on your team and I couldn’t be more blessed to have worked with this group today! Not only was today a great experience but every day with your team so far has been wonderful.”

-Senior Wellness Coach, Client

“The coaches from Health Designs were very attentive, made our Team Members feel comfortable, kept the event fun while respectful and confidential. Coaching sessions were very valuable to our Team Members and many of them have taken healthier actions as a result of the event.”

-Human Resources Manager, Client

“JEA has been awarded the Platinum Well Workplace Award from the Wellness Councils of America…JEA’s partnership with Health Designs has spanned [over] nine years and has greatly benefited our organization…the professionalism and cooperation exhibited by you and your team is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.”

-Managing Director/ CEO, Client

“Your team members are professionalwell-educated and make each person seem as if you are the only one for them. You have shown exceptional professionalism and our employees look forward to seeing Health Designs at our annual health screenings each Fall. Our program would not be at the level it is today without your guidanceknowledge, and passion for wellness. Together, we have built a culture of wellness at the PGA tour.

-Manager Employee Benefits, Client

“The overall experience was great and the best we’ve had in several years. Everything ran so smooth and professional – very organized from start to finish. Very much appreciated having bilingual staff to help interpret.”

– Assistant, Client

“I want to let you know that your staff did a phenomenal job at the Health Screenings today. Everyone was very pleasantprofessional and had positive attitudes. I have nothing but good things to say about them all. I wanted to personally let you know that they went above and beyond the call of duty to make our employees screening experience a pleasant one! Kudos to them all! You all do a wonderful job with the whole screening process! You have the right people on your team and I couldn’t be more blessed to have worked with this group today!”

-Senior Wellness Coach, Client

“Health Designs, has exceeded our expectations, particularly in the personal coaching portion of our wellness program. Employees have met with the same coach since the first day and have formed an important, trusting relationship to help employees determine their goals and achieve results.”

-Human Resource Manager, Client

“The overall experience with Health Designs was one that we had high expectations for and Health Designs not only delivered, but went above and beyond. The team that provided the Health Screenings for our employee base was friendlyknowledgeable, and held confidentiality to the upmost regard, which was our employee’s greatest concern. We look forward to building upon this relationship for years to come and building a healthier workforce year after year.”

-Human Resource Manager, Client

“…the employees and spouses of Duncan Aviation received a quality, efficient health assessment…And ultimately, this is what matters to us- raising health awareness and providing our people with a valuable service. The flexibility and professionalism demonstrated by Health Designs has secured them as a chief partner of Duncan Aviation’s Wellness Program.

I would strongly recommend their services to any organization seeking a professional health screening provider with a personal, caring approach to health and wellness.

-Wellness, Safety, and Training Manager, Client

Participant Testimonials

Thanks to the health screening last year, I’ve discovered that I have high cholesterol. It helped me to realize that even if I’m a healthy weight, I still can be unhealthy. I’ve changed my diet, started exercising, and changed my lifestyle.”


Several years ago this program saved my life; they found high blood pressure and I went to a cardiologist and was given medication immediately. Everything is perfect now, Thank You!


“I had my cholesterol checked and it saved my life.  I want to thank Health Designs and Clay County for the health fair.”


“I’d like to personally thank you for my wellness screening. My blood pressure was very high and you monitored it for the 2 days that you were here. It is now under control after seeing my physician and being placed back on medication. It was also recommended that I stay off of caffeine, which was “my addiction”, and I have been caffeine-free since the onsite health screening. I feel much healthier and more alert! My weight has even dropped a bit, too. Again, thank you! I would not have worried about my blood pressure if it wasn’t for your screening.”


The health fair saved my life. Last year, my blood pressure was 187/100 and I had to leave work and go to the emergency room. Since then, I have started walking and eating well and all my numbers are GREAT!”


I’ve been coming to the health fair for the last five years. Last year I was disappointed with my results and decided to make drastic changes to my lifestyle. I started working out, eating healthier and caring about my healthIn one short year I lost 30 lbs. and improved my health in every aspect of my life. All of this was the result of attending the health fair.”


“Health Designs is the most professional but caring health contractor I’ve ever experienced. Your staff—no matter what the event—is always kindgentlenon-judgmentalknowledgeablepatient and encouraging. Health is such a tricky and sensitive subject for so many Americans, but your staff never makes me feel criticized or discouraged. I always walk out of your events energized and encouraged. Thank you!”


“I have worked at Chart for the last 7 years and have been a smoker for almost 20 years. As a smoker I have always been on the Silver health plan which is the more costly plan overall. I have a father that has COPD due to smoking all his life. My husband has just recently lost his brother due to lung disease caused by smoking. These are things that none of us want to see for people we love. Through these changes in my life I was able to have the strength and encouragement to quit smoking in October last year. I am very excited about this change in my life in that my children or grandchildren will not have to watch me sick with lung disease. I am also very excited to have qualified for the Gold plan for the first time since my employment at Chart.”


I have to date lost over 200 pounds.  I have completely cut in half my clothing size, and I am still as motivated today as I was the day I started, to complete this journey and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  It isn’t all about the pounds or the scale, it is about self-esteem and quality of life, and I am thankful every single day for the opportunities provided to me (and to my family on my behalf.)”


“After last year’s company health screening, I started riding my bike to work.  As a result I’ve lost 22 lbs.can play basketball again with my daughter and no longer need blood pressure medicine.  Thank you for making it easy for me to understand my health status and for being an employer that cares about employees.”


“Well I guess this all started when Health Designs was here last and took our measurements and did the blood work. I found out that my glucose and blood pressure were both higher than they needed to be. The coach recommended that I see my doctor…so I did and he confirmed what the coach had told me. I really had no idea all that things were elevated. So, on the coach’s and doctor’s recommendations I started watching my diet and started walking 5 days a week around 30 – 40 minI have lost 28 lbs. and just went back to the doctor where he told me both the blood pressure and glucose looked good and to keep doing what I was doing- that it was working! It was good news for sure!”


“This is the best group we’ve had onsite!”