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Measuring Wellness

Your employees are important to you. That’s why it is important to improve their lives and transform your company into a happier and healthier workplace. You and your employees will benefit from worksite health assessmentshealth screenings, and face-to-face health coaching provided by our team of experienced professionals.

Our method is guaranteed to provide you with a culture of better health, more engaged employees and measurable results.

You will also get proven strategies that will engage participants and inspire lasting lifestyle changes that drive productivity and create success for your business.

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Client Success:

  • The PGA Tour kept 90% of employees in the low risk category for five consecutive years.
  • 95% of Jason Incorporated employees and spouses participated in the first year of health screenings with an estimated savings of $85,194!
  • Florida Health Care Plan participants lost a total of 487 BMI points between years one and two of their health screenings, saving the company an estimated $98,000!


Let us help you inspire healthier employees and healthier results.

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Changing Lives

Practically every day, and certainly at least once a week, Health Designs receives a “thank you” from one of our clients.
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Transforming Companies

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